piątek, 9 marca 2012

about the goats...

Bob dydd, ar hanner dydd ar ei ben... / Every day, at the strike of 12...

Mae'r drws yn agor a dwy ymladdwr yn ymddangos.../
in the very heart of the city... 

 ymladd rwhng geifr yn dechrau!
   the battle of the goats begins!

   Wyt ti'n weld geifr bob man?/
   Now, tell me, don't you see goats everywhere? 

Why the goats?

One evening in 1551 the clock master Bartlomiej Wollf finally decided to present the city council and the citizens of Poznan with his new work of art - the commissioned tower clock. For the special opening ceremony all the nobles were invited as well as the city fathers and citizens. Unfortunately the meat that was being cooked in the kitchen for the ceremonial supper fell into the fire and was burnt completely! The assistant chef was told to find new meat immediately as the supper was just about to begin. But it was late and all the butchers were closed and there was no place in the whole of Old Poznan to buy any meat. Disaster loomed for all the kitchen staff, then at the last moment the young assistant saw two goats frolicking around in a green pasture nearby. He grabbed them and ran to the kitchen.The goats understood what was happening and did not wanted to end up in the pot so they ran from the kitchen, climbed the stairs and jumped out of a window right onto the building work on the Town Hall and to the high clock tower.
When the Voivode saw his dinner on the top of the tower prancing about and generally feeling pleased with themselves he began to laugh, and so did the nobles around him along with the townsfolk and city fathers.
The chef was relieved that everything had turned well and everyone was in a good humour. The lack of meat at the feast was overlooked and the Voivode ordered a mechanism built to remind everyone of the funny event.

The legend comes from here

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