piątek, 29 czerwca 2012

Cymraeg ym Mharis

Ffeindiais i'r siop yma ar Rue du Bac ym Mharis. Roedd hi'n syrpreis pleserus iawn! Cymru yw bob le! :)
Heddiw, mae'r ysgol yng Ngwlad Pwyl yn gorffen a gwyliau yn dechrau. Onid yw pawb yn hoff ohonynt?  Yn sydyn, galli ti'n wneud popeth wyt ti eisiau. Oes da' ti cynlluniau?

The first day of holidays in Poland is, unexpectedly, extremely hot. Streets are full of children who are waving with their documents which confirm their promotion to the next class, and more importantly at least for them, the end of school suffering. It's a funny sight because by the way of 'waving' you can tell what type of students were they. Those who were diligent and good students have they diploma secured in transparent files as they will be admired by the whole family: parents, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers and all the guests that happen to appear in their house. 
Those who have 'nothing interesting' on their diplomas keep them folded in their pockets or allow the wind to take the papers out of parents sight. 
But holidays are fair: come to everybody at the same time without favouring. 

Although I'm no longer a student I've decided to celebrate the first day of holidays in my usual way: a book and ice cream ;)