piątek, 21 czerwca 2013

Llusernau, haf a Sant John/ Noc Kupały

Sant Dwynwen - Cymru
Sant Valentine - Unol Daleithiau
a yn Gwlad Pwyl?

Yn traddodiadol yn Wlad Pwyl, Sant John yw'r patrwn o bobl sy'n cwympo mewn cariad. Dyn ni'n dathlu haf a chariad nawr.
Yn dinasoedd mwyaf, dyna Sant John ffeiriau ble ydych chi'n prynu bwyd traddodiadol o Wlad Pwyl, pethau neis o bren, gemwaith ac eraill. Dyna cyngherdd pob dydd ynystod y wythnos hon. Gwyl a phoethder (34 C).

Heno eto, bydd y digwyddiad cyffrous i ddechrau'r haf : Noson llusernau. Ar 10:00 o'r gloch (p.m), yn agos Pont Chrobry a Eglwys gadeirio byddwn ni'n "rhyddhau" miloed o lusern!

Gwelwch y video o lynedd:

It's summer! And it's also crazy hot in Poznan. Thermometers indicate 34 Celsius degree both day and night. Because of that my appartment is unliveable, so I gave up the idea of workibg at home and I hang out in places with air conditioners. It's so good that we live in the city centre and I am surrounded by cpmfy and cool (both meanings) cafes.
The beginning of summer is linked with St. John's Eve, also known in Poland as Noc Kupaly, which is traditionally the Polish equivalent of Saint Valentine's Day. In the past, girls were making flower garlands and they put them on the lake. Sometimes they put a candle in the midde. It was believed that the owner of tge garland which floated the fastest, was the first to get married. As it happens with the folk traditions, they were many variations of this game. Since few years in Poznan, we have adapted the traditions of releasing Chinese lanterns. Tonight, around 10 p.m. we are going to free thousands of them. It's so beautiful, magical, like being in a fairy tale... See the video from previous Nights of Lanterns in POZNAN.

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